O’ Mariposa…


My door remains unlatched,
O’ Mariposa
Bring with you a new light,
barge in with a new life, new air.

Mind not the pretense or form.
Fret not ’bout what color to wear.
Would you come
as the resplendent crimson of dawn?
Would you come
as the mysterious deep blue of dusk?

Please do, O’ Mariposa

Come as the flash of inspiration,
As a breeze of freshness
and lift the fog of the mundane.
Amongst the crippling sameness,
Come as the unexpected
the un-same

Come as the ocean
Come as the sky
Come as the mountain
Come as the wild

My door is ajar,
Fly in O’ Mariposa
And replenish my fount
for a new life