Vagabond dreams

An unknown town
An unknown house
camped on a lawn
people of various colors
All flocked together
And screaming in ecstasy.
They tread the mud roads
and dirtied the floor
with red slush.
Some wiped their sweat
while one bared
her breasts
and embraced me,
looked into my eyes
and asked
“what story would you like today?”

Who were these people?
Not one familiar face
pants, skirts, hats, bald
I try to scream
“you are not my own!”

A face pops up
Startling me!

Oh, weren’t you the one
who was a bird just the other day!

Oh, there is another one,
One who ran and ran
and became an automobile wheel

And hey, I know her,
the one who quarreled with the moon
to become a star

yeah… I knew these people.
Like clouds
Like birds
Like the blurry fog
The ones who disappear
The ones who shower
ancient haunting melodies

I smiled
like a kid that sighted a rainbow
and asked
“Where will you take me today?”


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