Its wise
not to irritate them,
let them lie
in the graveyard
in your head
lest you dare
a gruesome game
of russian roulette
with exhumed memories.

As I scrape
the blood and flesh
off my living room wall,
I wonder
how enigmatic it is
that I cheat death
one more time.


Linked to 3WW Week #440 (Enigmatic, Gruesome, Irritate)



As her veil lifted,

turned stark,
reality blank

colourful contrasts
uniformly monotone

Sonorous melodies
were pervaded
by the primordial drone

Exuberant dances
froze into
eternal stillness

Meaningful words
became empty containers,
void of expression

As Māyā’s veil lifted,
it was apparent,
Life’s beauty was her!