disturbing silence

disturbing silence
another tree has fallen
in the rainforest


many hues of prayers

This is in response to Carpe Diem’s Renga Challenge #1  The challenge is to create a renga (or chain of verses) by linking together 6 haikus by Bashō with two lines of 7 syllables each.

inside the temple
visitors cannot know
cherries are blooming

in many hues of  prayers
autumn quietly forgotten

the old woman
a cherry tree blooming in old age
is something to remember

new cloud is ancient sea
smelling like yesterday’s rain

what a sprout
a dewdrop seeps down the nodes
of generations of bamboo

a ryuteki’s haunting tune
passed on from master to son

the voice of reeds
sounds like the autumn wind
from another mouth

dragon fly hovers on pond
unsure of what is real

in summer rain
would you be happy with
the moon’s face

broken, whole, broken again
drip, silence, then drip again

separated by clouds
the wild goose lives apart for a while
from his friend

swarm of bees in the garden
making honey on their own

Besides the point…

How many sides
does a circle have?
I asked

“It depends
On which side it is,
your side
or mine”
she smiled

“Its a locus
of a point”
I explained.

“What’s the point
of that locus”
She frowned
“Its always
distant from
the centre”

She dragged
me close
and whispered
“Here at
the centre,
we are equidistant
from your side
and my side…
isnt that the point?”

I lost
We won