Besides the point…

How many sides
does a circle have?
I asked

“It depends
On which side it is,
your side
or mine”
she smiled

“Its a locus
of a point”
I explained.

“What’s the point
of that locus”
She frowned
“Its always
distant from
the centre”

She dragged
me close
and whispered
“Here at
the centre,
we are equidistant
from your side
and my side…
isnt that the point?”

I lost
We won


Time lapse…

Oh! the passage of time;
A myth we embrace,
with joy,
with despair;
Slow down.
There are many pains
yet to be explored

Oh! the winds of time;
How you erase,
the caravan’s tread,
without a care;
Slow down.
there are many strangers
yet to be estranged