The lightness of dark

Shadow company;
The darkness breaks into dance
every time I sigh

[inspired by Darkness of Light ]


Mute cacophony…

Like pigeons
they flock by my window
Pests with wings;

that didn’t sound
that didn’t write
that were stillborn

Their cooing
and cacophony,
Runs late into night;
Until I shoo them away

Until my window,
frames nothing again;

I begin my day
scrubbing my porch
with infinite patterns
of words’
silent revenge

Boxed in

The last brick sealed it.
At first there was darkness,
A sense of lost-the-bearing-ness
and then
The omnious silence;

It then became clear
I didn’t need light
There was nothing to be seen
I didn’t need bearing
There was no place I’d rather be
There was no confusion
I was here, now;
The silence became music